What makes a B&B guest different than a hotel guest?

I get asked all sorts of questions about the guests that have stayed with us over the years. One popular one is “Aren’t you afraid, since don’t know the people that are walking through your door”? Heck no! I never thought about it that way before. If I did, I don’t think I would be the right person for this job. Besides, our guests don’t know us either, so its a two way street. Another question is, “tell us about all the crazy people and stories that have come through the B&B. I feel like I usually disappoint people with my answer. I really don’t have any. Everyone is so nice! Seriously! The difference between a B&B guest and a hotel guest is that everyone is usually here for the same reason; to meet new people, socialize, gain a new experience, and love of older homes. Yes, we do get business travelers, but they choose us to relax from their long day, rather going back to a stale, predictable hotel. Mostly though we get honeymooners, anniversary couples, family reunions, friends traveling together and so on. They look forward to their stay and we do whatever we can to  make their stay unforgettable. So what really makes the bed and breakfast guest different than the hotel guest. Their contagious happiness. That being said, these ladies that stayed with us this past week, were the epitome of happiness and it rubbed off on me everyday that they were here. They travel together every year. Sometimes the 5 of them, sometimes up to 12 of them. Usually in the  Midwest, but they have gone as far as Washington DC. All friends with each a unique personality. They wandered out smiling each morning in search of coffee. Some were up  way before I was and some like to sleep in until right before breakfast at 8:00. Their stories of their adventures on past trips and history as friends were a joy to listen to at the breakfast table  and in the afternoon when they would get back from their journey around town. I think they may have even added to their stories for their next trip. I hope they made some wonderful memories in Oshkosh and at the inn. I know I will think of them often and smile when I do.