We sadly say goodby

Many of you will know Georgia in some form or another. You may have read about her in the journals in your room. She has either met you by the door by sliding into it if you rang the doorbell or barked to let me know someone was inside. She may have nuzzled by your leg during wine and cheese hoping that you would pet her. More often then not, she would be in the kitchen with me in case anything fell on the floor and then followed me to the table with your meal in hopes that you might feel sorry for her and slip her something under the table. Cold winter mornings, she would scoot right up to the pellet stoves to keep herself warm. She was not a big barker like some Schnauzers  and she never jumped on people or the furniture. However, some of you missed your own pets so much that we did find her in your room at times cuddled up with you in bed. Attention is one thing she did not lack.  Some of you even inquired about finding a dog just like Georgia. She looked at you with those cute eyes, that it was hard not to love her back.  My Mom, who lives near LaCrosse raises Schnauzers.  So a few puppies have even been purchased from her that are Georgia’s relatives so you could have one for yourselves. Over the summer, she became irritated with her back hind leg. We took her to the vet and found out that she had liver cancer. Her tumor was quite large, so she had probably had it for awhile, but it had grown enough that it had bothered her to not want be touched in a certain area.  Up until last Monday it would have been hard to know that she was sick. She loved treats and still chased squirrels around the yard. By Monday evening, she was pretty sluggish and didn’t want even want  a treat. Tuesday night we said our tearful goodbyes to a family member and innkeeper if you will. I have added a few photos soon after we got her when our daughter was small to recently. Good by dear friend.