Top 10 questions about staying at a bed and breakfast

We get a lot of people that stay with us that have  never been to a bed and breakfast before.  I always gets really excited about this, since we then,  are not compared to anywhere else, and now others have to live up to what we offered.  Before the reservation even gets made, I get some pretty typical questions from those that do not know what to expect. I have the the top 10 that I get asked the most often along with my responses, in no particular order ( in case you were wondering as well). Don’t stop the questions coming though, we like it when you ask and we love to tell you what we offer. 1. Do I have to share a bathroom with someone I don’t know? Nope, not at Brayton Bed and Breakfast. Yes, some B&B’s do have shared bathrooms, so this is an excellent question to ask. All of our rooms and suites have their own private bath. Some with two person soaker tub and steam like showers as well. 2. Do I have to eat breakfast with people I do not know?   The choice is yours. You can eat the main dining room with a group, on our sun porch with individual tables or or even in your room. Interact as much or as little as you like. Each bed and breakfast is unique, so if this is a concern, this is another great question to ask. 3. I have food allergies and restrictions. Is this a problem? Not for us it is not. Just let us know when you make  your reservation if you a vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, atkins, etc etc etc. We have a lot of tried and true recipes and love a challenge occasionally too. 4. What kind of breakfast can I expect in the morning? We always offer two choices. A sweet dish choice such as a stuffed french toast, waffles, or bread pudding to name a few and then a savory dish such as a quiche or breakfast burritos which are some of the favorites. Your entree also will come with some type of fruit, bread meat and/or hash browns. We have never had anyone walk away hungry or disappointed. 5. Is there a certain time you serve breakfast? We serve breakfast between 8:00-10:00 everyday.  We try to be flexible on the times to be respectful of other guests wanting to sleep in, but if you do need breakfast earlier, please ask. We will do what we can to try to accommodate. 6. Is there a curfew? Nope. We are not your parents. You have your own code to the house, so you don’t even have to worry about taking keys with you. You can come and go as you like and stay out as late as you want. 7. Do I have to bring my own towels, sheets, shampoo, etc. Nope. We have everything that we think you may need. Not only do we provide fresh towels and sheets, soap, shampoo and conditioner, but everything is the highest quality. Each room also has a hair dryer and our suites have bathrobes to enjoy while you are staying with us. 8. Will we have our own privacy? Absolutely! We are here when you need us. We don’t believe in hovering. We have plenty to do behind the scenes to make your stay comfortable. As for hearing guests in other rooms, not true either. One thing  nice about having a 150 year home is that it is made of plaster and lathe and not drywall. Its so quiet, we never hear people coming or going.  The time is yours to do with what you wish. Our home is your home, so  make yourself comfortable. 9. Will I be able to get online or print something if I need to? Yes. We have WIFI throughout the inn. Most of our rooms have some sort of table, bench  or chest to work on, but if you need more room, we also offer a small work station with a printer on the sun porch and the Casa Suite offers it own work area. If you are meeting with a group of people, they are more than welcome to come over. Our dining room works well for that too, but please let us know so we can make sure that you get the privacy  you need along with our other guests as well. 10. Air conditioning, hot water, squeaky floors? Though our inn is 150 years old, our electrical and pipes are not. When we purchased in the inn in 2004 we did a complete remodel from top to bottom. That means adding all new windows, central air, new pipes for instant hot water, 3 hot water heaters so you will not have to worry about running out of hot water when you fill the tub and outlets that will allow you to plug in your hair dryer and curling iron without blowing a fuse. We have even furnished the inn with all new furniture and warm paint colors to make your stay relaxing and not stuffy. Though we can’t guarantee that the floors won’t squeak, in spots, since they are original we do think that you will appreciate their beauty. I could probably go on and on, but these are the ones that get asked the most often. As I mentioned, each bed and breakfast is unique, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. It doesn’t matter where you stay, all innkeepers want the same thing and that is to make sure that you walk about happy and think of coming back or staying in another B&B in the future.