Tell Scott and Nicole where to go!

road leading to colorful mountains

The road trip contest is back!  This time though, its Tell Scott and Nicole where to go! I am sure some of you are getting a pretty good giggle out of this.

That is right, Scott and I are going to hit the road this year again right after Christmas with our brand new pull behind travel trailer. Those that know us, realize that yes, Scott finally talked me into giving this camper thing a try.

If you have played along with us in past years, you know we have played, “where in the world are Scott and Nicole“. We post pictures, you guess, and the one who guesses the most correctly, wins a gift certificate to our inn.

This year though, it will be a little different. We are going to tell you are destination(s), but we want you to tell us where we should stop. Maybe you think think we need to drive over the longest bridge, stay the night at a certain RV park or try the tacos at ABC taco stand. Whatever your favorite memories are, we want to make them ours too, so start reminiscing about those hot spots and share them with us. If we choose your destination, we will take picture and post it on Facebook with a shout out to you. The person that tells us to stop at the most chosen locations ,will win a gift certificate towards a night stay in 2019.

We will be traveling down to Port Isabel, TX then off to Big Pine Key, FL and then finally back home by late February. Don’t worry about our route. If we want to see it or we stumble upon it, we will make the stop.

Let the fun begin and get this contest started! We will be taking suggestions until December 15th.

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