Friday Recipe of the Week – Sherbet Cup

Most of the recipes I post, I comment that they are really easy to make. I like to pride myself on these types of recipes, because lets face it, we are all really busy. This recipe is probably the 2nd easiest recipe I do for my guests. (The first would be the baked grapefruit). This recipe, a lot of our guests really enjoy. Especially those with young children. Sherbet Fruit Cup-Serves 2 (depending on the size of fruit and size of glass) 1 Apple, 1 Orange and sherbet (any flavor, but I find that orange and raspberry works the best) Dice up one apple. Add to fruit cup. Cup on one orange, add to fruit cup. 1 hour before serving, add scoop of sherbet on top of fruit so it is mostly melted when serving. (or if in a hurry, put in microwave for a few seconds). Enjoy