Holiday Surprise at Brayton Bed and Breakfast

So this idea popped into my head this summer and I have been anxiously waiting to pull it all together. Originally, I was just going to have a  Christmas Tree with only clear ornaments, with each one having a surprise inside. I have embellished a little though. I have decided to have a few trees this year. First,  a Charlie Brown tree or twig tree, is what I found they were called,  on the front porch. I saw one on Pinterest and started looking online for one like it. After seeing them for $80.00 I showed the picture to my husband and had him build me. I love it! Thank you honey! Its simple and my favorite. We get several Christmas cards each year from our guests so I think this will be the tree I string them on. Secondly, a romantic tree at the top of the stairs , small, pink, glittery and a lot of fun! Finally, my last and of course my somewhat traditional tree in the living room where my idea is born. For anyone staying with us in the month of December, you can pick a clear ornament from this tree, among all the fun, colorful, large bulbs and trinkets that adorn this tree.  Open up your ornament to find your surprise. Many bulbs will have 10, 20 and 30% off stays inside.  Two bulbs will have 50% off stay and one bulb will have a free one night stay.  All returning guests can use their surprise for that stay. All new guests will have the opportunity to use their surprise for for a future stay. We like to reward our return guests just a tad bit more when possible. If this is a hit, I may do the same thing around Easter with eggs. So, that being said, come and relax with us after all that holiday shopping and enjoy some home made hot chocolate while sitting by the cozy fire.