Peachy Bread Pudding w/ Amaretto Sauce

This is another easy recipe to throw together. If you don’t like peaches, apples or cherries work great, but the amaretto sauce really brings out the flavors of the peaches the cinnamon bread. I served this with some bacon and home made applesauce PEACHY BREAD PUDDINGPeachy Bread Pudding w/ Amaretto Sauce – Serves 10-12 but can be made individually  Preheat oven to 350 degrees 8 C cubed cinnamon bread, 8 eggs, 3 C milk, ¾ C sugar, 1 tsp. almond extract, 1 26 oz. can sliced or diced peaches in heavy syrup, 1 tsp. cinnamon, 3 TB brown sugar, 3 TB almonds (optional) Amaretto Sauce 1 C sugar, 1 TB flour, 1 stick butter, ½ C half and half, 4 tsp. amaretto. Spray a 9×13 pan with non stick spray and put in bread cubes. Whisk eggs, milk, sugar and almond extract. Stir in peaches and pour over bread and press in with a spoon. Mix cinnamon and brown sugar together and sprinkle over the top of peach mixture. Add almonds (optional) Bake 50-55 minutes until puffed. Meanwhile, while baking start on the amaretto sauce. In a saucepan mix together the sugar, butter, flour and half and half. When melted and slightly boiling, pull off the heat and add the amaretto. Pour over finished bread pudding.