This is new for us, but I am so looking forward to this already. This jam packed weekend will fill your senses and leave you walking away revitalized. An ALL INCLUSIVE personal transformation weekend. Renew your spirit through YOGA, ENERGY WORK, THAI MASSAGE, and learn how to cook healthy, organic recipes by your own PERSONAL CHEF. There will also be ample time for reflection in your own beautiful, tranquil room. OVERVIEW OF THE WEEKEND IS AS FOLLOWS: Check in Friday, September 16 – Receive your complimentary gift bag and enjoy light snacks. Energy Work or other requested appointments will be available from mid-afternoon to early evening.  Then partake in our opening Yoga session at our on-site, enclosed and intimate Yoga Pavilion. Your heart and senses will be prepared to release the stress of the week, restoring your senses to their natural harmonious vibration, enabling you to fully embrace the weekend. Saturday, September 17 – Wake to a beautiful morning meditation, followed by an invigorating Yoga Flow class designed to create energy and awaken your mind, body, and spirit all while inspiring personal introspection. A hearty and healthy organic breakfast will follow. After you nourish your body, several hours will be available for your Thai Massage, Energy Work, a personally requested appointment, or for quiet reflection within your room or the Inn. Late afternoon everyone will gather to the dining room for a hands-on lesson with a personal chef. You will learn how to prepare a healthy, organic, 3-course meal with the option of experiencing a local, organic wine during demonstration and over the enjoyment of your dinner. Later that evening we will retreat to the Yoga Pavilion for an evening of sacred yoga practice, sealing the events of the day. Sunday, September 18– Morning meditation followed by a Yoga Flow class designed to bring together all the events of the weekend, so that once you leave, that ‘state of rejuvenation’ stays imprinted on your body, mind, and spirit. Another healthy organic breakfast will follow as well as optional personal appointments. Check-out 11:00 AM. Reserve by July 1 and get $100.00 off your weekend. Single occupancy $719.00. Double occupancy $1149.00. Tax not included. What type of yoga will be at the retreat? After morning meditation, a Vinyasa class, with Hatha and Ashtanga influences, will follow. Our evening classes will be a blend of Hatha, Yin, and Restorative, with time set aside for Meditation and Yoga Nidra. Each yoga class is meant to be a mini-workshop, designed to help you more deeply connect with yourself – to get in touch with that voice that you wholeheartedly know speaks only the clearest truth. This sense of peace and well-being can be summoned through the asanas of yoga, the direction of an intuitive guide, and the openness and willingness of the student. Our Yoga Guides have a hands-on approach, helping you go deeper in each posture, assisting in the surrendering process and reaching that state of knowing. What is Energy Work? Energy work is a general term for various modalities that is based on the idea that the human body consists of energy fields that can be stimulated through hands-off or hands-on techniques which promote balance and wellness. Examples of different types of energy work include Reiki, Shiatsu, Bioenergy, etc. In an Energy Work session, the practitioner channels energy through the client to promote their natural state of balance. Chakras may be opened and cleared, which releases negative energy and blockages which restrict the client from pursuing their soul’s purpose or simply living in a state of harmony. Every Energy Work session is different, depending on the client. However, a session typically begins with dialogue so the practitioner can get a feel of the client’s energy. Once that’s established your session will unfold from there. Arrive in comfortable clothing and with an open mind and heart. What is Thai Massage? Thai massage is an ancient form of bodywork that combines massage, stretches, and rhythmic movements. From a spectator’s point of view, the session may be described as an organic flowing dialog between two people, like that of a dance.  However, the receiver is completely passive and supported in all positions by the Bodyworker. Thai massage is performed on a light mattress on the floor so that the Bodyworker may use his or her arms and legs throughout the massage to perform a learned and intuitive system of movements. These movements, as well as the practice of silence, create a connective meditative state between the Bodyworker and receiver. The recipient is fully clothed to allow maximum range of motion. Thai massage is a gift for the mind, body, and spirit. Meet Our Retreat Guides Jennifer Dutch – 200-hour RYT yoga teacher and an Energy Healing Practitioner (Reiki, Christouch).  In 2010 she completed a 40-hour Restorative Yoga Intensive with Darren Main and a Kirtan Intensive with Ragani. Combining over 14 years of professional experience in Logistics, Sales, Training and Project Management with her personal yoga practice of 12 years, she also assists other yoga teachers and authors by coordinating retreats, workshops and training programs in the U.S. and internationally.  In 2009-2010 she assisted Michael Watson with a 225-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. Jennifer believes the most transformative part of our yoga practice is that which occurs off of the mat.  As a yoga teacher she encourages students to be their own guide.  When facilitating a class she allows each student freedom to explore and to hone their own experience, infusing a light-hearted spirit while creating a safe and sacred space for students of all levels.  For her the greatest gift in teaching is connecting with the student and sharing in their journey. Jennifer resides in Oshkosh, WI, teaches at Inner Sun Yoga and Marigold Yoga.  She works with individual clients at Harmony Wellness Center. Patricia Engelking – RYT (PS Engelking, LLC) is a graduate of Integrative Yoga Therapy and a student of Zenergy Thai Massage School in Oshkosh, WI. Patricia has been offering Passive Yoga Bodywork (Thai Massage) for 3 years, is also a certified yoga instructor, and has been teaching yoga since 2002. She enjoys traveling around the country attending workshops, guiding clients in unique yoga experiences, and meeting new people. Kimberly Jennings – Energy Medicine Woman, Spiritual Guidance Facilitator, and Crystal Therapist. Kimberly has been accessing her God-given abilities to transmute undesirable energy since 4 years old. Kim states that Energy Work is a magical process with instant results for each client. Her role is to assist in completely transforming the client in Mind, Body and Spirit to reach wholeness. Frequently Asked Questions Do I need to be experienced in Yoga? No, our guides can accommodate any experience level. What should I bring to the retreat? Relaxed, comfortable clothing. Everything else will be provided for you, including mats and other yoga props. Feel free to bring your own yoga mat if you’d like. What if I have dietary restrictions? Please email your dietary restrictions to Amanda at lifefulfillment@msn.com and we will work with you regarding your restrictions. How do I know when my Thai Massage and Energy Work appointments will be? Your schedule will be provided to you in your Welcome Package. When you book your reservation, please include the times you will be arriving on Friday and departing on Sunday. What if I wanted to include more bodywork, energy, or healing appointments over the weekend? If you’d like an additional massage, an Ayurvedic consultation, or some other type of healing work, please contact Amanda at lifefulfillment@msn.com. For further questions, regarding the retreat, please contact Amanda at lifefulfillment@msn.com.